Visibility downloads

This website section helps you in how to implement visibility rules. It is meant primarily for project lead partners, partners and their graphics designers. The logos, maps and labels may also be used by other parties for contributing to the implementation of or promoting Interreg Baltic Sea Region.

Mandatory visibility files

This section is relevant to all projects, those which develop their own visual identity and those who use the project logo and design guide provided by the Programme (see below) as well as to EUSBSR stakeholders.

For acknowledgement of support from the Funds:

This file package provides different file versions of the Programme logo (solo), the EU flag (solo) and the combined Programme logo and EU flag. The MA/JS recommends to use the latter when possible. The package contains versions with solid and transparent backgrounds, and different file types (.jpg for office use, .png for web use and .ai for designers).

Interreg BSR programme logo (updated 2017)

Partners from Russia need to use this combined Programme logo (with EU and RU flags)

Interreg BSR programme logo with RU (updated 2018)

!!!Note that there are very specific requirements which need to be taken into account when using the files (i.e. when positioning and sizing logos in a publication): make sure to apply the visibility rules.

Guidance on correct use of the EU emblem

This document aims at clarifying how the EU emblem (or „EU flag“) can be used correctly in communication of Interreg Baltic Sea Region projects. It is meant for communication managers and project partners as well as their service-providers. In the document, we point to where the rules can be found, we interpret the corresponding regulations in the context of our Programme and we provide examples from the projects. You can download the file or flip thorugh it below.

Guidance on correct use of the EU emblem (“EU flag”)

Voluntary: useful files

Project poster template

Template & Guidance for Project Posters: Each  project  partner  nneds to  place  at  least  one  poster  with  information  about the  project  (minimum size  A3)  at  a  location  visible  to  the  public,  such  as  the entrance area of a building/office. The poster has to display the objective of the project and the amount of EU financial support. You can use this template to implement the poster, but you are also free to design your own.

Voluntary: Design guide, project logos & postcards

Project logos

Sample: a project logo provided by the Programme.

The Programme provides logos to the projects in order to help the project managers meet the visibility requirements and to save resources for short-term branding. Each project can chose to either use the project logo by the programme or not. 

Project design guide

If you do not want to develop your own visual identity, you are invited to make use of the project design guide. It provides the basic features such as a set of colours, font type, design grid and explains how to use the project logo and the templates provided by the MA/JS. It is also a document that can be readily passed on to project partners, graphic designers and others involved in implementing your project. With this guide, you do not need to lose time and money for visual identity development when you want to get your project started.

Project design guide (pdf)  (updated in 2017)

Sample postcard provided by the Programme: frontside with main image
Sample postcard provided by the Programme: backside with teaser