Anniversary campaign

All along 2020, we celebrated 30 years of Interreg and cooperation in all its shapes. As the second pillar of the Cohesion policy, European Territorial Cooperation is at the heart of the European spirit because it encourages regions and countries to tackle challenges they can solve only by working together.

The celebrations throughout 2020 provided the opportunity to demonstrate the achievements so far, but also the chance to focus on the future by contributing to the debate on cooperation policy post 2020.

"The future of Europe is ensured thanks to cooperation."

In the video series #InterregTalks, transnational Interreg Programmes are showing you the perspective of European political leaders on Interreg cooperation.

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Take a virtual walk through the transnational Interreg Programme areas

In this storymap #MadeWithInterreg you can find facts, figures and links to achievements of the Programmes.

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“Interreg shows people what European Unity can really accomplish”

We asked Niklas Nienaß, an energetic Member of the European Parliament (MEP) about his view on the future of Interreg cooperation.

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“We want all citizens in Europe to become tox-free”

Our project NonHazCity came in second with its performance at the Interreg project slam which was organised within the #EURegionsWeek 2020.
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Watch the video “Detox your home”.
Enjoy the creative play

"This is Europe" - podcast

Our project cities.multimodal in which mobility managers from several cities work towards greener mobility in cities is presented in the new Interreg podcast series "This is Europe".
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