For projects

The main document that explains the rules of the Programme and gives guidance on all phases of the project cycle is the Programme Manual. It is the key document for projects under Priorities 1 (Innovation), 2 (Natural resources) and 3 (Transport) as well as Priority 4.1 (Seed Money). The rules of Priority 4.2 (support to PACs & HACs and targeted support to the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region) are provided in a separate manual.

Who should know the content of the Programme Manual?

The Manual is addressed in particular to applicants and lead and project partners of approved projects, together with their first level controllers.

Lead partners (LP) are expected to be familiar with the overall content of the Manual, as they are responsible for all project phases from the development through to closure phases. Furthermore, lead partners should use the Manual for information purposes and distribute the information to the project partners to ensure the smooth and correct implementation of rules at all levels.

Project partners (PP) are expected to be acquainted with chapter B, chapter C, chapter F, chapter G, chapter H, chapter I and chapter K. The information addressed in these chapters should be known by the whole partnership.

First level controllers (FLCs) should at least be familiar with chapter F, chapter G and chapter I.