Monitoring Committee

The participating states have agreed on a joint programme management structure. A joint Monitoring Committee (MC) including representatives from all eleven countries decides on project applications, oversees the overall implementation and is responsible for the correct use of the funds. You can download the contact list of the MC members.

The Monitoring Committee of Interreg Baltic Sea Region (photo by IB.SH/Soenke Kreowski)

The countries typically establish a national sub-committee in order to assure for horizontal and vertical integration during decisions. The sub-committees usually consist of different regional and national authorities as well as NGO representatives.

The countries represented in the Monitoring Committee take turns in chairing the committee:

  • 2014: Poland
  • 2015: Sweden
  • 2016: Denmark
  • 2017: Finland
  • 2018: Estonia
  • 2019: Germany
  • 2020: Latvia
  • 2021: Lithuania
  • 2022: Poland
  • 2023: Sweden