Communications activities are considered an important and integral part of project implementation, and thus require thorough planning as well as adequate resources. Content-wise, projects are expected to concentrate on communicating thematic issues and solutions developed by project partners, while mere branding of the project is of lower importance.

At the project application stage, projects need to demonstrate how communication will help to implement the project successfully. It is crucial that projects identify their specific target groups and demonstrate how they plan to involve target groups in the production and/or use of the main outputs.

The core elements to be defined at the project development stage and first steps for implementation are:

Project development (concept note)

  • Identify and name specific target groups, including end-users of the project results and/or decision makers

Project development (application)

  • describe communication activities within project management and administration (work package 1)
  • describe how communication will contribute to achieving individual work package results: communication aims, target groups and approach (work packages 2-7)

Project Implementation (approved project):

  • employ a communication manager
  • appoint one communication contact for each partner
  • set up a communication plan
  • implement the communication plan together with the project partnership

Details about requirements: Programme Manual chapter D 1.5 “Communication in projects”

Communication strategy

The overarching objective of the Programme is to bring project results to those who use them – well beyond the project partnerships and the projects’ end date.

The key to success of projects is to identify the right target groups and interacting with them – be it decision makers, end-users of products and results or other thematic experts.

Projects need to come up with a strategy of how communication will help in achieving the projects’ aims – the Programme’s communication strategy can serve as an inspiration.