Extension stage calls

The extension stage is an instrument in the Programme to support successful regular projects to capitalise on their results and partnerships. It offers the possibility for finalised regular projects to receive additional funding for the implementation of specific activities to strengthen the utilisation of the outcomes of the regular projects.The extension stage aims to ensure a higher impact of the Programme on the Baltic Sea region.

The activities of an extension stage project should be implementation focused. An extension stage project needs to implement a solution developed during the regular project in the form of a practical application or an investment. The investment should be of transnational added value.

Extension stage calls are restricted to former projects of the Programme. The partnership composition of an extension stage project should be based on the core partnership of the regular project. In well justified cases it is possible to involve organisations that were not included in the partnership of the regular project.

During an open call, applicants planning to develop an extension stage project are asked to consult their idea with the Managing Authority/Joint Secretariat (MA/JS). If  the extension stage project idea is in line with the concept of this instrument, applicants are invited to submit full applications to the MA/JS. Based on the quality assessment done by the MA/JS and depending on the availability of funds, the  Monitoring Committee  selects the extension stage projects for funding.