Sustainable transport

Priority 3 ‘Sustainable transport’ covers capacity building measures ensuring more sustainable transport solutions in the region. In particular, it aims to better connecting the secondary and tertiary nodes of transport corridors in the Baltic Sea region to core network corridors, in particular in terms of linking different transport modes. Furthermore, the priority aims to improve accessibility of distant areas that have accessibility deficits as well as areas affected by demographic changes to urban, administrative and economic centres. Due to the significance of maritime transport for the region the priority also focuses on the improvement of maritime safety and environmental-friendly shipping. Finally, the priority specifically focuses on urban areas of the Baltic Sea region with the aim of increasing environmentally friendly mobility in cities.

Some of the projects within the priority are directly linked with the Action Plan of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region and are therefore marked as flagship projects of the Strategy:

Ongoing projects

Within priority 3, the Programme funds the projects that are building institutional capacity of public and private actors to increase interoperability in transporting goods and persons in north-south and east-west connections (specific objective 3.1), improve the accessibility of the most remote areas and regions whose accessibility is affected by demographic change (specific objective 3.2), increase maritime safety and security  (specific objective 3.3), enhance clean shipping (specific objective 3.4) and to enhance environmentally friendly transport systems in urban areas (specific objective 3.5).

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