Capacity for innovation

Priority 1 ‘Capacity for innovation’ is dedicated to actions strengthening the ability of the Baltic Sea Region to create and commercialise innovation. Thus, the Programme encourages experimentation with new approaches and solutions to be practically tested through pilot actions. Furthermore, the priority aims at increasing the capacity of the public sector as an innovation driver and enhancing innovation uptake by SMEs. Thematically, one focus of this priority lies on utilisation of the potentials of existing and planned research and innovation infrastructures. Additionally, the priority supports capacity-building for smart specialisation strategies and their implementation, e.g. through test and pilot activities. Lastly, the priority provides support for non-technological innovation.

Some of the projects within the priority are directly linked with the Action Plan of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region and are therefore marked as flagship projects of the Strategy:

Ongoing projects

Within priority 1, the Programme wants to enhance market uptake of innovation based on improved capacity of research and innovation infrastructures and their users (specific objective 1.1), enhance growth opportunities based on increased capacity of innovation organisations to apply smart specialisation approach (specific objective 1.2) and to advance the Baltic Sea Region performance in non-technological innovation based on increased capacity of innovation organisations (specific objective 1.3).

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