Coordination of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region

Strengthening the implementation of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (EUSBSR) and ensuring cooperation with the neighbouring countries of the Baltic Sea macro region is an important aim of the Programme. To this end, the Programme provides funding for specific, pre-defined purposes. Rules and regulations for projects in these fields differ from those applicable to regular projects in the Programme Manual.  Please find the specific rules and regulations in the Programme Manual for the coordination of macro-regional cooperation.

Support to EUSBSR PACs 

Policy Area Coordinators (PACs) of the EUSBSR are institutions assigned by the Member States located in the macro region. Their task is to coordinate and enforce the implementation of the Strategy and the Strategy’s Action Plan, respectively. Their roles and aims within their thematic area are defined in the Action Plan of the EUSBSR. The latest version of the Action Plan in 2020/21 has mainstreamed Horizontal Actions Neighbours and Climate. Spatial Planning has been turned into a Policy Area. The Programme provides support to PACs in carrying out tasks related to their role as a coordinator/leader, e.g. to organise coordination meetings, involve different stakeholders in policy discussion, provide training sessions, or to carry out surveys.

Only designated PACs can apply for this type of funding which assumes the form of a project. The duration of the project and the maximum Programme co-financing are set in the call announcements. Different organisations designated for the same policy area have to apply jointly. Several organisations hosting related PACs can combine their efforts and submit a joint application. Applications can be submitted only during certain time slots, following a call for project proposals published on this website.

Targeted EUSBSR support and communication activities

Within the scope of this objective, the organisation of EUSBSR Strategy Forums as well as information and data gathering, data analysis, promotion of EUSBSR flagship project results or other related activities can be implemented, also in the form of projects. The specific focus of activities and requirements  as regards the partnership will be specified in individual project calls to be announced on this website. At least two partners from two different countries in the region have to cooperate. The applicants need to obtain support from the group of National Coordinators of the EUSBSR, expressed in a letter of support.

Depending on the focus of the call, the following types of institutions may be eligible to apply:

  • Policy Area Coordinators and, until 2020, Horizontal Action Coordinators of the EUSBSR;
  • international bodies as well as national ministries and agencies acting as coordinators between the priorities of the partner countries and the EUSBSR;
  • National Coordinators of the EUSBSR;
  • other national, regional and local public authorities/institutions;
  • research institutions;
  • intergovernmental organisations (e.g. HELCOM, VASAB);
  • NGOs.